Stress free kids become healthy adults – study shows correlation between childhood stress and chronic disease as an adult.

A scientific study of data has recently found that children who experienced chronically heightened levels of distress were more likely to develop heart disease and diabetes in their adult years.

It’s a parent’s dream for their children grow into healthy, well-adjusted adults and one of the best actions you can take is to provide an environment of less stress.

The Psychology Foundation of Canada has simple suggestions for lowering stress such as allowing children space and downtime, doing something fun, and listening to your child—considerations that most parents would appreciate. Your children will certainly appreciate it when they’re grown.
(For CityScope Magazine)

Redbird Gallery opens Mish Mash

Redbird Gallery opens its summer exhibition, Mish Mash, on June 7 as part of the growing Rosewood Night Market series. The show will feature the works of 15 artists from throughout the United States and abroad. Through this geographic mix, as well as the variety of media, materials and concepts of the artists’ works, Mish Mash will present an exciting showcase of works by both talented upstarts and proven veterans.

Among the artists on display will be Moroccan native and former USC MFA student Khaldoune Bencheikh, whose public mosaic can be seen surrounding the Transitions’ center on Main Street. Bencheikh’s works include portraits rendered with silk thread weaved on glass, which create a colorful and deep depiction of their subjects. Also on display will be works by Thomas Crouch, a rising name in the local art scene whose lively works focus on animals done in large brush strokes giving them a vivid and wild nature. Other artists to be featured are Danny Crocco, a ceramicist who will be glazing bricks from historic Columbia structures; Alex Stasko, also exhibiting her large ceramic creations; Moses Tsai of Taiwan; Sarah Kinard, who works with print and torn paper, as well as many others.
(For Free-Times)